Asleep to Opportunities

Something we all need to remember and do!

On My Heart

I am battling regret. I was “asleep at the wheel” while I ran errands a few days ago, pressed on my lunch hour to get those things done and return to an appointment at the office. I wasn’t paying attention, and now I wish I could hit “rewind” on that day.

In the middle of one of my quick stops, a man began to describe an experience he had.  I didn’t know him, didn’t initiate with him, didn’t know where that conversation was going. We were walking out of a store at the same time–not together, but alongside.  I don’t know why he started talking about his experience, but he did, and instead of stopping and allowing the conversation to unfold, I kept walking toward my truck, being polite, but not really engaging and allowing this conversation to take us to a needed resolution.

I got into my truck and…

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