Homemade Bug Spray

Happy Wednesday everybody!

Today I want to share a recipe for making home made bug spray that’s chemical free…..

You will need:

2 oz of either Frankincense hydrosol OR filtered water

16 drops of Patchouli Essential Oil

10 drops Cedarwood Essential Oil

4 drops Spikenard Essential Oil

That’s it!  Pour hydrosol OR water into 2 oz. glass spray bottle, add all the drops, put the lid on, make a label and presto, you’re done!  Took all of 3 1/2 minutes to make!

Here’s a video I made for it…..

There are other essential oils you can try instead of these, like eucalyptus, opopanax, juniper and you can also use peppermint hydrosol instead of frankincense.  This recipe is just one of many ways to utilize ways to use essential oils!


Until next time!  Have a happy healthy day!!! 🙂

Read your ingredient labels!!!

Happy Wednesday y’all!

Yesterday I was perusing a catalog a friend gave me to check out, because it was full of organic products.  I was soooo excited to try a new product……for about a minute, unfortunately.  When I went online to check the ingredients, check out the prices and all the products they carry, my happy bubble was quickly burst.  Now, not alllll the products are what I personally consider unhealthy, but I was shocked at how many were full of unnecessary ingredients!!!  Since when do you need to have sugar in lemon pepper?  REALLY!  There were quite a few things that had sugar or a derivative of sugar or even both that sooooo didn’t need them!  Many of them had maltodextrin listed, which is not only a derivative of sugar, but is also a GMO, and is generally used as a filler.  A lot of the time, for many many people, when they eat products that contain sugar, they begin to crave products with sugar, therefore they buy more of that product, so does that mean they put sugar in it just so you’ll get addicted and buy more?  Who knows, it’s just a thought.  The moral of the story is that just because it’s organic does not necessarily mean it’s good for you.  It means no pesticides were used.  If it says “natural flavors”, put it down, if it says maltodextrin or anything that ends in “ose” (fructose, sucrose, dextrose), put it down, and as far as I’m concerned, at least 99.9% of the time, if it’s not a dessert, it does NOT need sugar in it of any kind!!  So if you really want to use healthier products, please, please, pllllllease read your labels!  You do not need all that garbage in there!  Ok, off my soap box.  😀

Thank you for taking the time to read this hopefully helpful rant!

Until next time, I hope you have a very happy healthy day!  😀

Sucralose…..good? or bad?

Happy Monday everybody!

Soooo, we all know that Sucralose is man made, but did you know that it’s another name for Splenda?  It’s produced by chlorinating sucrose, which is plain old white table sugar.  So basically it’s just chlorinated sugar, which is a chlorocarbon, and chlorocarbons are poisonous.  Even though our bodies do a great job of detoxing most things, it can still build up over time, which can be detrimental to our health.

The government says that it is safe and 98% pure, but that leaves us with 2%.  What is in that 2%?  Well, according to an article I found ( ), it contains things like lead, arsenic, methanol, and many other dangerous things.

Side effects of consumption of sucralose have been reported by many:

  • dizziness
  • migraines/headaches
  • bloating
  • rashes
  • tinnitus
  • acne
  • respiratory issues
  • joint pain/aching

and this is just SOME of the many side effects.

I try very hard to limit the consumption of processed foods, but on occasion, it does happen.  I try to be a careful and thorough label reader and buy the healthiest choice that I can.  If I can’t find one, and/or cannot make it from scratch, it generally just doesn’t get purchased.  What about eating out?  Just try to make informed healthy choices.  No croutons, oil/vinegar dressing on the side or a dressing you KNOW doesn’t have any of the dreaded and possible hidden additives, steamed veggies, nothing fried, no bread.  No sodas, no sweetened tea.  I know, I know, I can hear you from here!  Sweet tea is a staple here, but I order it unsweetened and carry my own stevia with me for sweetening.  You can  too.  I know, I’m no fun.  ha Your body will thank you for it, if you’re diligent in your choices.

If you’d like to learn more about the dangers of sucralose and other artificial sweeteners, here are several websites for you to peruse:

You can also read my previous blog about sugar, sugar substitutes and natural alternatives for more information:

Are there other choices besides refined white sugar and artificial sweeteners?

I hope I have given you all something to think about.  Over the last few years I have seen soooo much in the health industry that just scares the dickens out of me.  Doctors prescribe meds for the side effects of other meds and then you start seeing even more side effects and the next thing you know you have a new disease or even worse, you’re dead.  Did THAT get your attention?  I hope it did.  Please, please, PLEASE think before you eat and/or drink anything!  Do you really need that man made chemically filled food/drink that could possibly, eventually, even kill you?  Think about it…………..TRY to start making better choices.  Baby steps will get you there.  Yes you CAN do it, if you really want to.  The next time you eat/drink something, I hope you’ll remember reading this and remember to make a healthier choice. Thank you for listening to my rant for today!

Until next time!  Have a Happy Healthy Day!  🙂






Juice Cleanse/Detox

Happy Day after Valentine’s Day everybody!

Sorry I’ve been such an absent blogger.  I will try to be better this year!

To start off the year, I’ve decided to do a juice cleanse/detox.  I’ve written before about Detoxifying the body a couple of years ago.

Here’s the link to refresh your memory:  My personal opinion of body detoxification and stuff…

Anyway, if you’ve been reading my blog since the beginning, you’ll know that I had to have major back surgery in 2014, and then I had my sacroiliac joint fused in 2015.  Between not being able to exercise properly, having all those toxins put into my body (anesthesia, medication, etc.), it has really done a number on me.  Enough so that I’ve been back on blood pressure meds for almost a year.  Well, I’ve had enough and I want off the chemical meds and get my body back on its proper journey to being the healthiest it can be.

That’s where the Juice Cleanse/Detox comes in.

There are lots of benefits of doing cleanses/detoxes, and the one I have chosen to do is also a fast from solid food.  You can do this for a day, a week, or longer.  I do NOT recommend doing more than a few days unless you are VERY familiar with fasting.  I DO recommend following directions TO…..THE…..LETTER!  Ok, now that we have THAT out of the way.  Some of the benefits of doing the one I have chosen include:

* the huge influx of healthy nutrition/vitamins from the fresh squeezed fruits and veggies.

*giving your digestive system a break, which your body will thank you for.

*doing a cleanse of this type is cellular, not just your tummy/colon.  It’s everything.

*You COULD actually lose a few pounds, which is always a plus in my book. 🙂

*Helps do away with cravings and promotes will power to say no!

There can be side effects from doing fasts/cleanses/detoxes, and can be different in everyone.  A few are:  light headed, acne, diarrhea, muscle aches and pains…..just pay attention to your body.  Make sure to always ALWAYS drink lots of water!

These are just a few of the many great reasons for giving it a shot.  I tried 2 days last week as a sample, to see if I could actually do it, and I started a 5 day today.  I had fresh juice delivered this morning, and they’ll deliver more fresh juice on Thursday.  If this week goes well, I’ll do more from time to time.

As always, I’m here to help, so if you have questions, just send me a note and I’ll see what I can do.

Until next time……Have a Happy Healthy Day!!!!! 😀

Something I noticed today about organic vs. non-organic lemons

I’m a HUGE advocate for organic fruits and veggies (why you ask? sorry, but that’s a story for another day….). Every morning I drink a really big glass of water (about 20 oz.) with a whole lemon squeezed in, with several dashes of Cayenne pepper mixed in with it to get my liver jump started for the day (seems to clear the sinus’ pretty well too! lol).  Anyway, the other day, while I was shopping for groceries, they were out of organic lemons!  (GASP!!!!!)   I asked the produce manager if he had any in the back, and he said no, but that he’d order some more so that he’d have some in stock for me (I’ve lucked out that they’ve had them in stock up to now). Since he was out I had to cringe and buy NON organic lemons. So not a happy day in the produce department for me…..  I’ve been using organic lemons for my lemon water since I started this regime just a few weeks ago, and the only that really drives me nuts is all those seeds that seem to make their way up the straw.  Usually there are at LEAST a half a dozen or more.  There was only one seed in my lemon today.  ONE!  That just makes me cringe!  (Even though it is less to sneak up my straw.)  Then I start thinking about GMO’s and pesticides and the lemons I bought.  Scary!!!  I can’t wait until the new produce order comes in so I can get some healthy organic lemons!  I know it’s not always possible to buy organic, but I do try because I’ve learned so very much about GMO’s and pesticides and what they can do to your health.  I’m still baffled….one measly seed?  Really?  Hmmmmmm……….

Until next time! Have a happy healthy day!!!!! :o)