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That time of year…..

Happy Thursday everyone!

It’s that time of year for reflection, being thankful, giving and remembering the reason for the season.  Although, much of that should be done every day.

It’s been a rough year having lost my Dad, but I am so very thankful that I was able to be with him for a couple of days, and as he took his last breath.  It was the hardest thing in the world to witness, but I wouldn’t change it for the world.  I miss him so very much, but I know he’s near.  I also am learning (which could take a while to fully accept) that now that I’ve had a hysterectomy I truly never will be a mom or grandmother, and that it’s ok.  God had other plans, but that doesn’t necessarily make it any easier.  I am grateful however that I have nieces and nephews; and soon to be not one, but two great-nephews.

I’m very thankful that my hubby is gainfully employed, we have been blessed with a roof over our heads, vehicles that run, we’re fairly healthy, we have plenty of clothing, we have enough food and so many other things that many take for granted.  Most of all, we have been blessed enough to share with those that are less fortunate and we take every opportunity to do so throughout the year.

I am thankful for the opportunity to go to school to learn more about how I can help others with different natural healing/health modalities.  This year I became a Certified Aromatherapist, and it’s so much fun making personal blends!!  My hubby has gotten a major new certification for his job this year too, and it was a booger of a test!  He hates taking tests, but I’m so proud of him for doing it and doing well!

I’m thankful that even though it can be hard sometimes (because you rarely if ever get to see family or friends), we have gotten to see so very much of this beautiful country of ours because of my hubby’s job.  Over the last year we’ve seen 3 states for a lengthy period of time.  We have now been in pretty much all of the southern states if you cut the US in half from top to bottom, and a handful of the northern states.  Had it not been for the career path my hubby chose, we’d not have gotten to see and do all the things we have these last 12+ years.

And last but most importantly (to me at least).  This is the time of year to remember the reason for the season.  Christ was born!  If you’d like to read about the birth of Christ, here is the King James version, which is what I grew up hearing.

The King James Version of the birth of Christ, the story of how Christmas came to be.

And THIS is my all time favorite Christmas animated show that they rarely show on TV anymore.  I cry every time….I hope you’ll watch it an that you’ll love it too!

Here’s the link if the embedded video doesn’t work… http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xmq7z3

I’ll leave you here to enjoy the video!  Remember as you’re out and about doing all the things that people do at Christmas time to be patient, be kind, be helpful, and spread God’s love wherever you go.

Wishing you a Christmas filled with love and blessings!!!  Merry Christmas!!!




Do You Trust Me?

This is one of my favorite blogs, and I pretty much always repost them for all of you to read too.  I hope you will enjoy it as much as I do…

Always trust in God, no matter what, He will see you through. You may not realize it for days, months or even years….but when you look back, you’ll know. Always have faith, and trust in Him, no matter what.

On My Heart

Trust is mangled every day.  Sometimes that trust issue is small, but often it can be devastating.  We call it “betrayal” or “disillusionment.”  The point of trust is that you lean on someone’s character or integrity and believe that the person whom you trust has good intentions toward you and also has the ability to translate good intentions into good actions.

Have you ever had someone preface something they do with that question, “Do you trust me?”  It’s a frequent device in movies.  It’s a frequent conversation in business.  It’s a frequent conversation that I have with people.  I often use it when I know that the circumstances are going to be confusing or painful for a person, but I also know that the outcome is going to be good.

When Jesus’ birth was announced, Mary had to decide if she was going to trust God in spite of the…

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Bionic? Not so much, but definitely as good or better than new! and Happy Easter too! :D

Happy Friday y’all!

Well, as most of you know I had some major back surgery on the 1st, and I’m now on the long road to full recovery. I went in on Wednesday to have my bandages removed and I thought to have my stitches removed. Guess what? I don’t have any stitches! They’re all underneath the skin and the skin is lined up so perfectly (and glued???) that I don’t think I’m going to have much in the way of scars. The doc did a great job lining up my hummingbirds on my tattoo so that I won’t have to add crutches to any of them! HAHAHA I thought I had 3 incisions, but when we changed my new “bandages” last night my hubby noted that I have 4, and the two punctures (one on each hip) where they took bone marrow to mix and inject into the incisions. So, all in all I have 7 screws (approx. 3″ long each), a tiny plate, a spacer, a squishyish new disk, 2 plastic tubes and nylon rope of some sort that runs through the tubes. That’s a lot of new parts! Doc says that I can slowly begin rebuilding my stamina (exercise) in 3 months, and in 6 months I might can start P90x3 (something I’ve really been looking forward to!), and that it’ll be a full year before I’m fully recovered. For now, I’m a blanket for the most part because I can’t do much but lay around for a while. (hmmm, maybe I’ll stop procrastinating and use this time to STUDY and finish my degrees! hahaha) I can do nothing that involves much in the way of tummy muscles for the next 3 months, so walking will probably be the extent of my exercise routine for a while. I can’t even ride a bike! 😦 That’s ok though, I get to look forward to being pain free and being able to do pretty much anything I put my mind to…..and I have lots of goals in mind! (P90x3, PiYo (comes out in May!), another round of T25, 21 Day fix, Brazilian Butt Lift…..lots to choose from!)

My brother laughed when I told him about all my new parts, and started calling me his bionic sis! hahaha A mutual friend said the same thing about being bionic a couple of days ago. I thought it was pretty funny! 😀 I started reminiscing about watching the 6 Million Dollar Man and the Bionic Woman when I was a kid! Can you hear the music? hahaha

Okay, on a completely different topic here, don’t forget that it’s Good Friday and I truly hope you know what that means! Wishing you a wonderful weekend and an Easter Sunday filled with fun, family, fellowship and many blessings! If you don’t know the true meaning of Easter (the death and resurrection of Christ – He died for us you know!), I highly recommend reading Matthew, Mark, Luke and John in the New Testament of whatever version of the Bible that you prefer, whether it’s the King James Version, New International Version or even the Living Bible. Each of those books in the New Testament talks about the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Or I’m sure you can find “The Greatest Story Ever Told” playing on TV somewhere. (One of my favorites!)

Until next time! Have a very Happy Healthy Day! :o)

Merry Christmas!!!!!

Wishing you many MANY Blessings this Christmas Day! Enjoy time with family and friends, and remember, that without “CHRIST”, there is no Christmas! 🙂

And for those of you wondering….YES, I am happy to say that I did get my workout done today! Yea! Just because it’s Christmas doesn’t mean (at least to me) that you can just forget about your health. Granted, I will be eating one meal that contains not so healthy ingredients, but for me, it’ll only be the one meal and small portions. After that, it’s back to salads, fruits and veggies for me! 🙂

It’s really hard to cook for two, but I’m trying to not cook a huge meal. My hubby wanted ham & his homemade macaroni with a kick (cayenne), and I’m fixing fresh green beans for me. No pies or cakes or candies or cranberry or anything like that. And the ham won’t have all the drippy sweet stuff on it. Just the ham. So it’s not entirely healthy, but it’s not as bad as it could be, thankfully. And I’ll probably have a big salad before I actually eat anything else. And plenty of water to make me feel more full before that.

What are you doing to try not to overindulge today? Just do your best, and remember that it’s NEVER to late to get back on the right track! 🙂 If you need a little extra support to help you stay on track, or get back on track, I’m here for you, just ask! 🙂

Take care everyone! Be safe today, and have a wonderful day!

Until next time! Have a happy HAPPY healthy day! :o)