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That time of year…..

Happy Thursday everyone!

It’s that time of year for reflection, being thankful, giving and remembering the reason for the season.  Although, much of that should be done every day.

It’s been a rough year having lost my Dad, but I am so very thankful that I was able to be with him for a couple of days, and as he took his last breath.  It was the hardest thing in the world to witness, but I wouldn’t change it for the world.  I miss him so very much, but I know he’s near.  I also am learning (which could take a while to fully accept) that now that I’ve had a hysterectomy I truly never will be a mom or grandmother, and that it’s ok.  God had other plans, but that doesn’t necessarily make it any easier.  I am grateful however that I have nieces and nephews; and soon to be not one, but two great-nephews.

I’m very thankful that my hubby is gainfully employed, we have been blessed with a roof over our heads, vehicles that run, we’re fairly healthy, we have plenty of clothing, we have enough food and so many other things that many take for granted.  Most of all, we have been blessed enough to share with those that are less fortunate and we take every opportunity to do so throughout the year.

I am thankful for the opportunity to go to school to learn more about how I can help others with different natural healing/health modalities.  This year I became a Certified Aromatherapist, and it’s so much fun making personal blends!!  My hubby has gotten a major new certification for his job this year too, and it was a booger of a test!  He hates taking tests, but I’m so proud of him for doing it and doing well!

I’m thankful that even though it can be hard sometimes (because you rarely if ever get to see family or friends), we have gotten to see so very much of this beautiful country of ours because of my hubby’s job.  Over the last year we’ve seen 3 states for a lengthy period of time.  We have now been in pretty much all of the southern states if you cut the US in half from top to bottom, and a handful of the northern states.  Had it not been for the career path my hubby chose, we’d not have gotten to see and do all the things we have these last 12+ years.

And last but most importantly (to me at least).  This is the time of year to remember the reason for the season.  Christ was born!  If you’d like to read about the birth of Christ, here is the King James version, which is what I grew up hearing.

The King James Version of the birth of Christ, the story of how Christmas came to be.

And THIS is my all time favorite Christmas animated show that they rarely show on TV anymore.  I cry every time….I hope you’ll watch it an that you’ll love it too!

Here’s the link if the embedded video doesn’t work… http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xmq7z3

I’ll leave you here to enjoy the video!  Remember as you’re out and about doing all the things that people do at Christmas time to be patient, be kind, be helpful, and spread God’s love wherever you go.

Wishing you a Christmas filled with love and blessings!!!  Merry Christmas!!!




Be grateful and don’t take anything for granted!

Happy Friday everyone!

Hello to all my readers and blogging friends! I’m back! 🙂 I am almost caught up reading everyone’s blogs for the last week, but I haven’t had a chance to comment or “like” yet because my tablet won’t let me, I have to do that from the computer and I am not supposed to sit for very long until the doc says it’s ok, but rest assured I have thoroughly enjoyed reading everyone’s posts! 😀

So, as you already know, I had major back surgery on the 1st, and I’ve been home a week as of yesterday. I am not allowed to sit for very long at a time so I’m not on the computer very much right now. I can’t bend, lean, twist, stoop or anything else that involves using back or ab muscles for the next 3 months while my fusion fuses and my new disk rebuild heals and becomes part of my spine along with the four 3″ long screws, nylon rope and tubing that they implanted.

I am very independent, meaning I generally do pretty much everything and don’t ask anyone for help regardless of what it is, though I do get in trouble for it sometimes, for not asking for help. Apparently I need to learn a lesson in this area, because I literally can’t even carry a cup of coffee without help right now or even put the recliner in a reclining position without my hubby having to stop what he’s doing to help me. My wonderful husband is having to do absolutely everything. I can’t put on socks because I can’t bend over to reach my feet. I can’t even lean over the sink to brush my teeth, which makes it rather messy. The same with washing my face. So not only does my hubby have to do all the cleaning and I do mean all the cleaning (bathroom, kitchen, floors), he has to do the cooking, laundry, dishes, grocery shopping, take the dogs out (3 very VERY energetic fox terriers) and the list goes on. It makes me feel guilty that he’s having to do all my work AND his too. Luckily he’s between jobs right now waiting for the next one to start, so it’s easier on him than it would be if he was working full time, but still….it makes me feel bad to ask him for help when he already has plenty to do without me adding to his list.

So, all you healthy people out there, be grateful for the things you CAN do, because there may come a day that you will have to ask someone to literally do everything for you. Appreciate what you have and what you can do because it might not always be this way. Make sure that when you say your prayers that you thank God for all the things you ARE capable of doing and for the people that are doing the things for you that you can’t.
I know I’m thankful and very blessed to have a wonderful husband to take care of me….he’s the best! ❤ (I Love You Honey Bunny! ❤ )

Okay, I've sat long enough, it's time to go lay down, so, until next time!

Have a very VERY Happy Healthy Day! :o)