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Awesome new classes coming in 2018!

Happy Wednesday y’all!

As most of you already know, I’m constantly striving to learn all I can, to not only better myself, but to also learn all I can to help others, whether it be via Aromatherapy, Reiki, Crystal healing, Nutrition or whatever way I can help them on their journey to the happiest and healthiest person they can be.

One of my favorite places to not only take classes from, but also buy amazing products from is starting an affiliate program for 2018.  By being a part of this amazing new program, you will have the ability to earn your classes for free, just for sharing with others.  It’s up to you to earn it though, and you could also earn an income over and above that if you so desire.

I started classes at the beginning of this year and have learned so very much from Athena about herbs, oils, crystals, and sooo many other things.  This coming year will bring all new things to learn in each class and wonderful products to go with the classes!  I’m really looking forward to learning more new things I can share!  I hope you’ll join us!

The other wonderful people in these groups are an amazing sisterhood of like minded, non-judgmental, loving individuals all striving to help themselves and others too.  If this sounds like something you might be interested in, you can check it out, and sign up, here:

Holistic Healer Program 2018

If this is not your cup of tea, but know someone that might be interested, please feel free to share!  🙂

Don’t forget to visit my page on Facebook to stay informed of new classes offered by Sage Goddess, great products/supplies, and for other Holistic Health information that I share:

  Triquetra E & A Facebook Page

The affiliate program just launched today, so it’s brand spanking new and has lots of growing to do!  If you sign up now you’ll be in on the ground floor, and you could start earning commission in January!  Once my team gets up and going we will be starting a group page to support one another as we grow together, so stay tuned for more information!


I am looking forward to a successful and prosperous 2018!  See you there! 🙂

Another small step forward against GMO laden foods! :)

Good Morning, and Happy Friday to all of you! No, I haven’t gotten my workout done yet, but I am doing that right after I finish writing this! Promise! And I will post that I have done it on my FB page (www.facebook.com/lisamacy85) with a pic, (DONE! 11:48 A.M. pic is posted and I’m pooped! lol), so you will know I’m telling you the truth. 🙂 K? k.

I am a big fan of Vani, she writes the http://www.foodbabe.com blog. She shares recipes, favorite products and lots of very useful healthy information. She also is a big activist for using organic products and against using GMO laden foods. One of her more recent campaigns was against a very popular cereal company ( http://foodbabe.com/2013/10/16/how-this-very-popular-cereal-is-exploiting-americans-what-you-can-do-about-it/ ). Please go and read this article, then come back here so you can see what happened next…..

Done? Ok. Get ready for this….I just saw an article that shows her campaign worked! You can read about it here…but come back here after you do….pretty please.
( http://www.nydailynews.com/life-style/health/cheerios-gmo-free-article-1.1565328 )

I personally do not eat cereal at all because there are just way too many other ingredients in it that I don’t approve of, but regardless, there are others that do choose to consume it, and I would rather promote something to those of you that do like to eat cereals that has less bad ingredients in it than something that has lots of bad ingredients in it. So, there ya go! What do you think? Is that not a great step forward for those of us that want healthy products on our shelves? It may not be perfect, but it’s a huge breakthrough! Way to go Vani!

Until next time! Have a Happy Healthy Day AND Weekend!