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I thought saying goodbye to my womb would be easier…..

Happy Friday y’all!

Sooo, I’m getting ready to have a full hysterectomy in just under 2 weeks and I thought it was going to be easy to say goodbye, buuuut……

I guess I should start from the beginning.  (TMI alert)  I’ve had problems with that part of my anatomy since the beginning, but I didn’t know that it wasn’t normal until after I got married.  I started taking the “pill” shortly after I got married (1985) and things were normal so I thought, and then when I quit taking it I didn’t get pregnant.  So, I went to the doctor and found out that I didn’t ovulate properly, as in I hardly ever ovulated at all apparently.  After taking some fertility drugs for a while, I finally got pregnant in 1992, only to have a miscarriage at 3 months (April).  I found out I was pregnant as I was miscarrying yet again, in August of that same year.  Then when my husband was in a horrific accident (Sept 1992), the thoughts of ever becoming parents went straight out the window.  Even if my hubby hadn’t been hurt, according to the doc, there was still a good chance we wouldn’t have been able to have kids.  For whatever reason, God decided we weren’t going to be parents.  That’s very hard to accept at the ripe old age of 25.  Especially when most of your friends are pregnant or already have babies.

For years, even though I always kept it to myself, it was a struggle seeing friends and family members raising their families, knowing I would never get to make all those memories with my own kids…..1st birthdays, or any birthday for that matter, Christmas’, Santa, Tooth Fairy, Easter Bunny…no holidays, no first dates, no dances, Prom, teaching to drive, teaching anything for that matter.

It took many years to learn to accept that I’d never be a mom.  My niece and nephews are all grown up now, with the youngest just finishing up high-school soon.  My oldest nephew is married and just became a Dad, which made me a great-aunt a year ago.  I just saw the little guy for the first time a couple of months ago and probably won’t get to see him again for close to a year, since we’re so far away.  My niece got married a couple of years ago, and is now pregnant with her first.  I saw a pic of her cute little baby bump today.  That’s when it dawned on me.  Here I am, 50 years old, getting ready to have a hysterectomy, and my sweet niece is going to be a mom, which means my sister-in-law is going to be a grandmother! 🙂  Dannnng, I won’t get to be a grandmother!  😦

I’m really excited for them, and all the wonderful memories they are, and will be making, but I’d be lying if I didn’t tell you that I’m a little sad.  It took years of struggling and finally accepting not being able to have kids, and now realizing I won’t get to be a grandparent either. 😦  For those of you that are or will be grandparents, I hear it’s better than being a parent because you can spoil them rotten and send them home!  HA!  🙂

So, I guess the message here is that for those of you that are blessed to be parents and grandparents, don’t take it for granted.  Enjoy every minute of it and relish the memories!  And remember when you run across those of us that don’t have kids, please be gentle, and remember it’s not necessarily that we didn’t want them (though I know there are some people that don’t), it was just not in God’s plan for us.

Saying goodbye to my womb is bittersweet in that it never got to carry a child to term, but I truly can’t wait to not have anymore issues with it.  I’ll be ok, I’m just a little sad is all.

Please wish me luck (and pray for my hubby!) in the next adventure in my life….. it’s called menopause! 😀

Have a very Blessed and fantabulous happy healthy weekend! 🙂

Happy New Year!!!!!

Happy New Year everyone!!!!!

Best wishes to each and every one of you for pockets overflowing with prosperity, each and every day filled with happiness, and more blessings than you can manage!  And don’t forget to share with those less fortunate!  🙂

So, 2014 was a busy year filled with good times and bad for us.  I had back surgery (of which I’m still healing, but am doing absolutely fantastic!), my awesome mom-in-law had a liver transplant (and is also doing fantastic!), we lost my hubby’s grandmother (she was 98), and I lost my mom the end of October……

So, have you thought about what you’d like to accomplish in this new year?

Here are a few things that are on my list:

1.  Get back to exercising like I was before surgery

2.  Eat properly, like I KNOW I should

3.  Lose all the weight I’ve gained this last year

4.  Finish my degree (only 2 courses and a final to go) so I can decide on continuing on to my PhD.

5.  Be more organized

6.  Read my Bible EVERY day

7.  Learn how to share the knowledge of nutrition/natural health with others in an informed and helpful manner (I tend to overwhelm sometimes 😦 )

Annnnnd, I could go on, but I’m sure you get the drift. 🙂  Whether I reach my goals or not, I’ve made them and it’s something to work towards.  In the meantime, I’ll do my best, each and every day, until I get there.

Until next time!  Have a Happy Healthy Day!!!!! :o)

I reallllly need to study……

Happy Tuesday y’all!

I’m sorry that I’ve not been very good at blogging, but my life is rather complicated at the moment. I was starting my final for my last course when my Mom-in-law went in the hospital, so I put it on the back burner so that we could be there for her and our family. Then I was still (and will be for months to come) recuperating from my surgery. Then, I found out my Mom is basically in a coma; she had a stroke and fell and hit her head and is unresponsive. She’s been unresponsive for about a month now, but is now stable enough for specialized care, we’re hopeful, but the docs are not giving her much hope….like .01%. Then, we moved to my hubby’s next job. Then, then, then……so many things…… Anyway, I reallllllly need to finish my final (I have 2 courses left to finish my degree, I HAVE to get this done!). I have to start physical therapy so I can heal properly. I have so very very much to do, and I am finding that I spend way to much time online that I could spend studying, so something has to go. And for now, at least for a while, it’s going to have to be blogging. I have soooo much enjoyed my little blogging family and will miss you all tremendously! I will pop in when I can, and when I see something that is begging to be written, I’ll post, but for now I really need to focus on my studies, healing, and my family. I hope you will all understand, and that you’ll still pop in to visit from time to time. I wish each and every one of you all the happiness and blessings that you can handle!

Until next time! Have a Happy Healthy Day! {{Hugs}} :o)

A little info about my most recent workout experience and some great core workout info I’d like to share too!

Haaaaaappy Thursday y’all! 😀

I really never exercised before I started my studies after turning 40. Better late than never, right? Even though I started exercising and lost weight I still wasn’t in the shape I wanted to be in, so I started looking around for something that would get me to where I wanted to be, but could be done in a motorhome. With my hubby’s job, we travel to wherever it is and stay there until it’s over, and then move on to what’s next. Anyway, I discovered T-25 by Shaun T. I have done other Beachbody workouts and really enjoyed them, but I still hadn’t found one that really hooked me, so I thought, ok, let’s try this out and see what happens. I started Focus T25 in December. It’s a mere 25 minutes 5-6 days a week for 10 weeks. There is an advanced DVD that you can add, to make it 14 weeks, which I did. I completed the entire program in February, but barely, because of my back issues, but I DID make it! I was so excited that I had found a workout that was short, intense, kept me focused, and made me WANT to workout EVERY day! I was really starting to tone up. I lost about 18″ overall, but only about 10 lbs total. It’s the first time in my life that I EVER had even the slightest shadow of having abs! I was ready to move on to either P90X3 (only a mere 30 minutes 5-6 days a week) or do the 21 Day Fix (a mere 30 minutes 7 days a week) because it’s only, well, 21 Days, but got sidelined to thankfully get my back fixed and now I’m waiting, ever so patiently (ok, not so patiently, but I AM waiting!) for the doc to say ok, go for it! Well, he probably won’t say that, but that’s what I’ll hear! hahaha By the end of T25 I was able to do a few pushups (mostly girl pushups, but I can do a few that aren’t), I was able to do planks (even side planks) and hold them, and my balance got even better than it already was. I couldn’t believe the changes! I couldn’t believe how strong my core had gotten in a mere 14 weeks! Unfortunately I will be back to square 1 and starting from scratch when I am released to workout, but it’ll be easier because I had gotten into decent shape beforehand. In the meantime, I’ve started walking, and actually did about 4 miles yesterday before having to call my knight in shining armor (thank you honey bunny! mmmmwah!) to come rescue me about a mile from home. But at least I did as much as I could! I am sore today, but I’m going to try and do it again today, but not as far. I learned my lesson…..do NOT walk 2 1/2 miles one direction with only one bottle of water when it’s over 90 degrees, the breeze becomes non-existant and there isn’t any shade. Instead, I’ll just walk 1 mile (which will be 2 round trip) today while it’s cloudy and there is a breeze! haha And drink lots of water! 😀 I’m only allowed to walk or ride my bike (which I generally set up as stationary because I either don’t have a safe place to ride, or it’s gravel, and that just wouldn’t be fun), so I’m doing what I can to stay in somewhat decent shape until I can start working out again. Here is some info from Dr. Mercola’s website about plank workouts and a few others that look really great! I’ll have to see if I can try these too, once I get the ok! It’s been 9 weeks and 2 days since my surgery, so I have about 15 weeks to go before I can start doing anything intense, but I’m looking forward to that day! In the meantime I’m here to lend my support and cheer you on in reaching your own fitness goals! 😀

Until next time! Have a Happy Healthy Day! :o)

Checkup, Family Emergency, Transplants, and Prayers

Happy HAPPY Thursday!

Wednesday was a day full of excitement, happiness, anxiousness and a lot of sadness at the same time. My hubby and I were headed out for a late breakfast on Wednesday, on our way for my 6 week post surgery checkup on my back when his Mom called. We just got home earlier in the week from their house because she’d had a procedure done to eradicate the cancer attacking her liver. WELL, she called about noon yesterday sounding panicked, but it wasn’t panic, it was excitement! She’s been on the transplant list for quite some time and one was available, so she had to be at the hospital within an hour. We went ahead on to my checkup because she said they wouldn’t know if it was a complete match or viable for several hours. My checkup went great! I can now use a treadmill to my hearts content and a bike if I want too! Yea! My new hardware is healing in place quite nicely! My incisions are just skinny little stripes. I have to say the doc is pretty darned good at his job. I have 6 more weeks before I can start light exercise. I looking forward to it! While all this was going on, the organ donor was having tests done and Mom was having tests done and we continued to wait for news. We finally got news about 7 pm that Mom was a match and surgery was scheduled for about 9 pm. We packed up and drove 3 hours back to their home, got a bag together for Dad and headed to the hospital. We got there about 2 this morning and waited to hear how mom was doing. The surgeon finally came in a bit after 3 and said everything went great and that she’d be in ICU for a few days. We were finally able to see her about 5 or so this morning. They will keep her sedated for at least a day, but she looked good! We are so very excited that Mom will be regaining her health! At the same time we are very sad for this person that thought enough to donate their organs to save the lives of others, and for his/her family for losing that precious person that chose to give the gift of life to others in their passing. This person donated many organs and saved many lives last night and we are sooo very thankful. We pray that this family will find comfort in knowing that there are many people praying for them, and are thankful for their gift of life to others. We also pray for the families that have been gifted with these organs, that they will all regain their health. We prayed that we would be near home when this happened and are so very thankful that God answered our prayer with a yes, so that we could be here. I will most likely be “absent” for a bit over the next week, but I will post when I can. I have a couple of things I want to share that I hope will help all of you out there in the blogging world, whether you’re a blogger or a reader. So, until next time!

Have the best, most wonderful, happy healthy day!!!!! :o)

Bionic? Not so much, but definitely as good or better than new! and Happy Easter too! :D

Happy Friday y’all!

Well, as most of you know I had some major back surgery on the 1st, and I’m now on the long road to full recovery. I went in on Wednesday to have my bandages removed and I thought to have my stitches removed. Guess what? I don’t have any stitches! They’re all underneath the skin and the skin is lined up so perfectly (and glued???) that I don’t think I’m going to have much in the way of scars. The doc did a great job lining up my hummingbirds on my tattoo so that I won’t have to add crutches to any of them! HAHAHA I thought I had 3 incisions, but when we changed my new “bandages” last night my hubby noted that I have 4, and the two punctures (one on each hip) where they took bone marrow to mix and inject into the incisions. So, all in all I have 7 screws (approx. 3″ long each), a tiny plate, a spacer, a squishyish new disk, 2 plastic tubes and nylon rope of some sort that runs through the tubes. That’s a lot of new parts! Doc says that I can slowly begin rebuilding my stamina (exercise) in 3 months, and in 6 months I might can start P90x3 (something I’ve really been looking forward to!), and that it’ll be a full year before I’m fully recovered. For now, I’m a blanket for the most part because I can’t do much but lay around for a while. (hmmm, maybe I’ll stop procrastinating and use this time to STUDY and finish my degrees! hahaha) I can do nothing that involves much in the way of tummy muscles for the next 3 months, so walking will probably be the extent of my exercise routine for a while. I can’t even ride a bike! 😦 That’s ok though, I get to look forward to being pain free and being able to do pretty much anything I put my mind to…..and I have lots of goals in mind! (P90x3, PiYo (comes out in May!), another round of T25, 21 Day fix, Brazilian Butt Lift…..lots to choose from!)

My brother laughed when I told him about all my new parts, and started calling me his bionic sis! hahaha A mutual friend said the same thing about being bionic a couple of days ago. I thought it was pretty funny! 😀 I started reminiscing about watching the 6 Million Dollar Man and the Bionic Woman when I was a kid! Can you hear the music? hahaha

Okay, on a completely different topic here, don’t forget that it’s Good Friday and I truly hope you know what that means! Wishing you a wonderful weekend and an Easter Sunday filled with fun, family, fellowship and many blessings! If you don’t know the true meaning of Easter (the death and resurrection of Christ – He died for us you know!), I highly recommend reading Matthew, Mark, Luke and John in the New Testament of whatever version of the Bible that you prefer, whether it’s the King James Version, New International Version or even the Living Bible. Each of those books in the New Testament talks about the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Or I’m sure you can find “The Greatest Story Ever Told” playing on TV somewhere. (One of my favorites!)

Until next time! Have a very Happy Healthy Day! :o)

Be grateful and don’t take anything for granted!

Happy Friday everyone!

Hello to all my readers and blogging friends! I’m back! 🙂 I am almost caught up reading everyone’s blogs for the last week, but I haven’t had a chance to comment or “like” yet because my tablet won’t let me, I have to do that from the computer and I am not supposed to sit for very long until the doc says it’s ok, but rest assured I have thoroughly enjoyed reading everyone’s posts! 😀

So, as you already know, I had major back surgery on the 1st, and I’ve been home a week as of yesterday. I am not allowed to sit for very long at a time so I’m not on the computer very much right now. I can’t bend, lean, twist, stoop or anything else that involves using back or ab muscles for the next 3 months while my fusion fuses and my new disk rebuild heals and becomes part of my spine along with the four 3″ long screws, nylon rope and tubing that they implanted.

I am very independent, meaning I generally do pretty much everything and don’t ask anyone for help regardless of what it is, though I do get in trouble for it sometimes, for not asking for help. Apparently I need to learn a lesson in this area, because I literally can’t even carry a cup of coffee without help right now or even put the recliner in a reclining position without my hubby having to stop what he’s doing to help me. My wonderful husband is having to do absolutely everything. I can’t put on socks because I can’t bend over to reach my feet. I can’t even lean over the sink to brush my teeth, which makes it rather messy. The same with washing my face. So not only does my hubby have to do all the cleaning and I do mean all the cleaning (bathroom, kitchen, floors), he has to do the cooking, laundry, dishes, grocery shopping, take the dogs out (3 very VERY energetic fox terriers) and the list goes on. It makes me feel guilty that he’s having to do all my work AND his too. Luckily he’s between jobs right now waiting for the next one to start, so it’s easier on him than it would be if he was working full time, but still….it makes me feel bad to ask him for help when he already has plenty to do without me adding to his list.

So, all you healthy people out there, be grateful for the things you CAN do, because there may come a day that you will have to ask someone to literally do everything for you. Appreciate what you have and what you can do because it might not always be this way. Make sure that when you say your prayers that you thank God for all the things you ARE capable of doing and for the people that are doing the things for you that you can’t.
I know I’m thankful and very blessed to have a wonderful husband to take care of me….he’s the best! ❤ (I Love You Honey Bunny! ❤ )

Okay, I've sat long enough, it's time to go lay down, so, until next time!

Have a very VERY Happy Healthy Day! :o)